Fee Schedules

Prestige Dental Lab offers top quality lab work at competitive prices.

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Intrinsic Design is an exclusive multi-layering technique artistically engineered to deliver optimum aesthetic results for discriminating patients, or any type of cosmetic restorative needs. The appearance is as natural as nature intended it to be.

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IPS e.max® Empress®  
Inlay/Onlay $121.00
IPS e.max® Eris®  
IPS e.max Eris $140.00
Heat sintered zirconium $148.00
Milled zirconium $126.00
24 Karat coping $131.00
Bio 2000®  
Bio 2000 $126.00
Metal-free Inceram $105.00
Full gold crown 74% Au $109.00*
Full gold crown 54% Au $109.00*
High Noble (yellow Gold) $120.00*
High Noble (white gold) $118.00*
Semi Precious $108.00*
Base Metal, Nickel Free $94.00*
*Plus Metal. Gold & PFM prices reflect metal market price fluctuations.
Free pick-up and delivery in SLC, Ogden and Provo areas. Nine working days of lab time are required from date received. Rush cases require approval and will be charged a rush fee. Shipping is available for other areas.
Nobel Biocare Select Scan Abutment Attachments $CALL
All Other Abutment Attachments
Tissue Transfer (per unit) $25.00
Custom Abutment $210.00
Prepare Abutment $45.00
Implant Parts $CALL
Soft Tissue Model $30.00
Titanium Implant Abutment $190.00
Procera Zirconia Implant Abutment $250.00
Surgical Stent $100.00
Prestige Dental Lab works with a wide range of implant systems including, BioHorizon®, Steri-oss®, Paragon®, 3I®, Calcitek® and Branmark®. Please call for pricing.
Framework $200.00
Attachment for partial $60.00
Set-up and Finish $250.00
Valplast setup and Finish $350.00
7 Day Lab Temporaries (per unit) $35.00
Wire Reinforcement $60.00
Additional Services  
Post and Core $45.00
Porcelain Margin (per unit) $35.00
Fit to Partial (per unit) $25.00
Metal Occlusion $20.00
Rest (porcelain or metal) $15.00
Study Model Prep (per unit) $15.00
Study Model Wax-up (per unit) $20.00
Night Guard (hard) $98.00
Complimentary Services  
Case Planning & Technical Support
Please call for technical help and support regarding any case. Our team can provide helpful information with choosing materials, ideal preparation designs, shading, and more.
Continuing Education
Our customers receive free CE on topics such as prosthetics, digital technology, advanced case presentations, and more.
Practice Marketing
We help our customers grow, profit, and thrive with their dental practices. Our laboratory works closely with the ADA's Intelligent Dental Marketing, and our customers get results. Just ask us how!